• Living Room •

Our living room has gone through a ton of changes in the 3 short years we’ve owned our home. When you first buy a home or move to a new place, it’s hard to resist the urge to try to quickly find pieces to fill up every room, and hang a bunch of cheap wall art so it looks “done”. I was guilty of doing just that. I found a few things off of Craigslist that were “ok”, and scavenged a few super clearance sales at Hobby Lobby for some inexpensive decor accents and wall art. In a few short weeks my whole house was “done”. I also quickly chose paint colors and painted 3 rooms (different shades of dark beige-y taupe).

Even though all of this looked fine, it wasn’t really my style at all. Everything I chose was dark, overdone, and had that outdated “Tuscan flare” feel, I’m sure you are all familiar with! (Just think of tons of espresso brown, dark reds, golds, prints of Tuscan landscapes, fluer de lis, and damask print everything! haha)

I craved a style that was more timeless and classic. I wanted a more neutral pallet. I wanted a look that could be easily developed over time, without worrying about things looking too trendy or outdated.

So, after about a year of living with the furniture and decor I didn’t like, I decided to just go for it and make some changes! (I’m so thankful that my hubby lets me do whatever I want to the house!) My only challenge was to not spend any money while making these changes. Luckily, I was able to swap out our couches, coffee table, and dining room furniture through buying and selling on Craigslist. I didn’t spend an extra dime since the different items I bought were equal too or less than the profit I made from the older furniture. I also sold some miscellaneous decor pieces and wall art to get some money for a few gallons of paint.

(Again, sorry for the low quality iPhone pics!)
Here is how our living room looks today. I wish I had a before pic! Overall, it’s not exactly what I want, but it is so much closer than before! One day, I would love classic linen couches, or a chesterfield, with some amazing vintage side chairs… But this set up isn’t too bad considering we didn’t spend any extra money!

I’ll list the cost of the items including the original money spent on the older furniture we had.

•Couches: $600 for both (Craigslist)

•Coffee Table: $5 (Garage sale, two legs were broken)

•Faux Fireplace: $30 (Garage sale, was chipped and painted yellow when we bought it)

•Chandelier: $10 (Habitat ReStore, was originally brass with old wiring)

•Wall Art above couch: DIY- about $15 in materials. I blew up an old postcard image then painted over it and built a wood frame from scrap trim pieces.

•Old windows and stacked wine crates- Free finds

•Accent shelf above TV: DIY- free, I used a scrap piece of wood from the garage and we already had the wood stain and shelf brackets.

•Stacked trunks: Bottom $20 (Goodwill), top three- between $5-10 each found a different thrift stores.

•Tufted linen chairs (I have two of these side by side): I only paid $50 for *both* chairs! The legs were damaged on both so they were heavily discounted, and I used part of a gift card.
• Wine cabinet turned serveware storage cabinet: $75


Overall, I’m much happier with the way our living room is coming along! It’s been so much fun to find quality vintage pieces that I truly love and mix them with newer inexpensive pieces. I hope to create a look that is collected over time and evolves as the years pass by.

My Advice: If you are really unhappy with the decor and furniture in your home, don’t be afraid to sell the pieces you don’t love and slap some fresh paint on the walls. Those changes can make a huge difference, and give you renewed inspiration for the direction you want to head with the style of your home! Go for it!


• Meet Our Fur Baby- Riley! • 

I thought I would share a pic of our beloved fur baby, Riley! It’s truly amazing how much joy this little, fluffy, four-legged friend has brought into our lives! My hubby and I have decided to wait a few more years to start a family, so we’ve had so much fun spoiling this cuddly little guy. He is a Bichon Frise/Cocker Spaniel mix and we just couldn’t possibly love him more!

 This is his favorite lounging spot! We always joke that he fits into our living room decor quite nicely, haha!

• Guest Bathroom • 

Our house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. I wanted our guest bathroom to have the same feel and decorating style as the rest of our home. Overall, it’s a pretty small bathroom with poor lighting, but I’ve had fun decorating this room with a few thrifted vintage finds.

 I placed two thrifted brass washboards above the toilet for some inexpensive, interesting wall decor. On the vanity counter sits a vintage mirrored tray with a little boxwood ball and an apothecary jar filled with soap bars. It’s almost impossible to take pics in this room, so please excuse the weird angles! 🙂 I made the oversized shower curtain out of a drop cloth. I love the nubby linen look it has.

 On the wall opposite the toilet, I installed some beadboard wallpaper and hung three ironstone platters above the trim. Who says you can’t hang platters in a bathroom?! Haha! I love the texture this wall has!

 Aren’t these vintage inspired hand wash and lotion bottles amazing?! They are from World Market!

Even though I would love a different vanity, counters, and flooring, I’m happy with how this little bathroom is coming along! Now I just need to find the perfect vintage mirror to complete the space…

• Guest Bedroom •

Our guest bedroom is one of my favorite spaces in our home! This is actually the first room I “finished” when we first moved into our house. I say “finished” because those of us who have the decorating itch, know we are always changing and rearranging things constantly haha!

 The mattress was bought new, but everything else was found at thrift and antique stores. I love our empty frame collage wall so much! These frames were originally different colors, but I painted them all an antique gold finish to match. I think they add the perfect amount of whimsy to this room! The antique chair was an $8 thrift store find. The upholstery is a speckled ivory color and is in pretty good shape, but I plan on replacing it with linen fabric when I have the time. I’ll be sure to post a re-upholstering tutorial when I get to that project. The antique white quilt was also found at a thrift store for a steal…only $10!!  I was so excited when I spotted this beauty tucked away among some outdated curtains. After a few washes with bleach, this quilt is as good as new! I am a huge lover of white bedding, and I have a hard time choosing anything else. I love how light and bright it can make a room feel, and how you can use any combination of pillows depending on the look you want. Here I used three printed burlap pillows paired with some white shams.

 I am completely in love with this dresser! I was so excited to find it on Craigslist for a great deal! The portrait drawing was found in the basement of an antique store and the owner told me I could have it for free! I’ve always had a thing for vintage portraits…. even if my hubby thinks they’re a little creepy.. Haha!

UPDATE: I decided to change up this room and make it a little less “feminine”…. things are always changing around here! It is so fun to shop your own home and create a new look without spending a dime!

Guest Bedrom

• Master Bedroom •

Today I want to share our master bedroom with you all! Everything in this room was found on Craigslist, at the thrift store, or on the side of the road (except for the mattress and quilt)! I’ve learned it isn’t hard to create a beautiful space with a small budget. However, sometimes that means waiting weeks, or even months for the right piece to cross your path. Being patient and only buying things that you truly love, will ensure your home truly expresses your style and will have that “gathered over time” look! This headboard was $25, the dressers were $40, the chandelier was $10, the artwork above the bed was a fun DIY project that totaled about $12, and all of the decor was found at thrift stores!

 (Excuse the poor quality iPhone photos!) The dressers were originally a 70’s muddy brown color, so I used an espresso gel stain to update them. My hubby’s dresser isn’t pictured, but it matches mine and is on the wall across from the foot of the bed. I am on the hunt for a lovely antique dresser set, but these work great for now! The chandelier was originally shiny outdated brass, so I simply added a few coats of spray paint to bring it into this decade! It was such an easy, cheap fix! The artwork was made using an inexpensive printed poster and a thrifted frame. I just mod-podged the poster into the frame. I love the elegance it adds to the room! 

 I found this bust at the thrift store for $5 and knew I could find the perfect home for her! I love how she looks on my dresser! The little brass makeup compacts sitting on the books were given to me when my grandma passed away. I love having treasures in my home that have a special meaning.